Greasy Hair – Causes & Solutions 

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Hair that develops a lank, flat, stringy or oily appearance is often referred to by hairdressers and hair consumers as “greasy” hair. This type of hair is hard to control, clumps together easily and does not hold a style well.

Where does greasy hair originate from? Regardless of how or why it happens, greasy hair is directly related to the overproduction of sebum, a waxy type of substance naturally occurring in the body which is designed to keep hair supple, soft and waterproof. Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands.

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Fact about brushing hair 

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Every after bath and every time we pass by a windy area, girls’ first instinct is to brush her hair. Physically, we do see that evident change from something that looks haggard to something that looks good and clean. It is though most often the case that people are not aware of the limitations in brushing one’s hair. Sometimes people tend to just continuously brush at any time they want without noticing that damages are arising. One thing to remember is to never brush wet hair since it is when it’s wet that it is vulnerable. When this is done, hair would probably result to damage and breakage. Another is that it is better if combing is done before brushing since those tangles found in your hair is better of removed first before styling is done. These are just some facts about brushing one’s hair which are essential in maintaining it healthy.

Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother 

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Smooth Infusion Style-Prep SmootherSmooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother is a product by Aveda that makes styling faster, easier. Its exclusive plant infusion—a blend derived from organic aloe, maize and guar bean—creates a smooth surface on hair.
Organic tapioca defends against humidity for up to 12 hours while hydrolized wheat protein protects against surface damage from heat styling.
A fresh spicy citrus-floral featuring certified organic bergamot, certified organic palmarosa, Bulgarian rose and Australian sandalwood also accompanies the product.
Prevent frizz and humidity from ruining your hair. Apply the product before blow-drying or straightening. The product has also been featured in the Oprah magazine, O.

Joico K-Pak 

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joicokpak.jpgThe treatment utilizes the purest and most powerful form of reconstructive technology when it comes to hair that; replenishes the hair’s moisture levels, refines the hair cuticle resulting in shinier smoother hair, restores the hair’s strength and elasticity and repair’s damage on all parts of the hair from the cuticle to the cortex. All these hair reconstructive features in less than 17 minutes, if done in their salon and a bit longer for their take-home products. The hair system combines three exclusive and proprietary hair care systems from Joico, Keratin Silicone Complex, Quadramine Complex and a Hair Protection System. Quadramine is hair revitalization at the molecular level that combines molecular chemistry that has come up with molecules and proteins that are so fine they have the ability to get into the hair settling in the damaged areas that needs them most.

Guide To Hair Products For Men 

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We all know women spend a lot of time taking care of their hair. We always have to have the right products to make our hair soft and healthy and our hairstyle perfect. What most people don’t know is there are many products available to men for hair care similar to those for women. Men’s hairstyles are also complex and require hair care products for maintaining moisture, protecting the hair, and for styling.

Men should have soft and healthy hair as well and for those who are very adamant about their hairstyle many shampoos, conditioners, softeners, gels and other hair styling products are available for use. So guys, or those ladies trying to help their guys out, if you are looking for some good mens hair care products then we have a list for you.

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Cutting your Hair Short 

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Wanting to change your look? Why not try short hair?

A lot of people prefer the usual long flowing hair for obvious reasons – long hair symbolizes femininity, elegance and beauty. However, these do not mean that women who opt for shorter hair are less feminine or are less attractive. On the contrary, a recent study shows that more men find women with short hair sexier due to that certain aura of confidence and sexiness they exude. Short hair has its advantages as well: it’s easy to manage, it makes you look younger and it makes your hair look healthier since damaged, dull ends are cut off. Also, a well-cut short hair with funky edges will highlight your facial features, therefore, emphasizing your own individual femininity.

Hair Loss Products of No Use 

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Products touting their ability to help thicken your hair by giving it more body are one thing, but those that boast of their hair loss fighting capabilities are another.

If you have been sucked into trying out shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and other creams that are supposed to stop hair loss or even make your hair grow back, then you have just been conned. This is according to Akaki Tsilosani, Director of Clinic Talizi, who also said that “These products do not hurt the hair but do not cure it either. It is also impossible to accelerate hair growth, so do not let the producers of different hair care products fool you. This is the same as a patient trying to cure cancer by taking vitamins instead of undergoing chemotherapy.”

So the next time you see an ad for a hair loss product or worse, a doctor recommends you one, better be wary. And maybe you can suggest to that doctor that they think about leaving their medical job and start a career in sales instead.

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Reminders for Homemade Hair Care Recipes 

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Creating homemade recipes to suit your hair needs will surely be fun and exciting since you will get to understand you hair more by choosing ingredients appropriate for your hair type (not to mention the money you will be able to save). However, a few helpful reminders should be kept in mind to make sure that we won’t get too excited over pouring tons and tons of different ingredients in our hair. The Golden Rule is to never mix too many ingredients at once and if you do find a particular ingredient working for you, then make it a staple for your hair recipes. It has been said that ingredients that can be consumed are normally safe for the hair. Remember to always log your recipes, taking note of successful recipes and how your hair reacted to them.


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あなたの髪の毛に気を配る事は、あなたがどのような髪質を持っているかを知る必要があり、そして維持するべきだ。 ストレートヘア、巻き毛(カールヘア)、ちぢれ毛など、人により違う髪質を持っている。

ほとんどの人達はストレートヘアを持つ事は簡単にケアできると思っているが、実際は他の髪質のようにケアが必要だ。 ストレートヘアは破損、そして枝毛になりやすく、髪の毛を扱う時は注意が必要だ。 乾燥から保護する為に髪の毛を一日おきにシャンプーし、水分を閉じ込める為に毎日リンスを使用する事だ。 美しいストレートヘアの秘密は、クリームシルク・スタンドアウトのようなリンスを使う事で素晴らしい結果を出し、自然の動きと共に最高の髪質を引き出してくれるだろう。

子供の巻き毛はかわいらしいが、成長するにつれ髪の毛の柔らかさや扱いやすさは違ってくる。 ティーネージャーにとっては、悪夢だ。 もしあなたが巻き毛を持っているのなら、自然体な 巻き毛ヘアでいこう。そして天然の巻き毛をどのように美しく見せるかを学ぼう。 大きな間違いのうちの一つは、天然の巻き毛を持つ人達は髪質に合う製品を使っていない事だ。 シャンプーやリンスがあなたの髪質に特別に合った物を選ぶ必要がある。 定期的にリンスを使う事は髪の毛を平たくし、重みを下げ、髪の生き生き感をなくす。 定期的なシャンプーはしばしば、巻き毛に生き生き感を引き立てる十分な水分を含んでいない。 今日の市場にはさまざまな巻き毛用製品が出ており、Dove(ダブ)のシャンプーとリンスのような製品はそれぞれの髪質にデザインされており、重みを落とす事なく髪一本一本の中心に引き出し、ちょうど良い量の独特のウエイトレス・モイスチャーをもたらしてくれる。

同じ事がムース、ジェル、ヘアスプレーに言える。 普通のヘアスタイリング製品は巻き毛の重みを落としてくれるが、 がちがちで作り物っぽい見た目を与える。 Kiehlの製品のように生き生きした見かけを与え、髪が呼吸できあなたのカールをコントロールできる製品を選ぶべきだ。 この洗い流さない素晴らしいリンスと髪の手入れ製品は、からまり手入れの大変な傾向な太く、縮れ毛、乾燥した髪、又は痛んでいる髪の毛の為に作られている。 髪の毛をとかす時には、切れ毛を起こすので乾いている髪の毛を絶対にとかさないことだ。 またくしやブラシの歯が狭い物を使用するのは避けるべきだ。 その代わり、あなたの巻き毛全体をとかせる歯の広いブラシを選び、使用しよう。

Get the Natural Look with Styling Lotions 

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tresemme lotion cremePeople mistakenly think that their only options when it comes to hair styling products are the hair wax, mousse, gels, and hair spray. An oft overlooked but very useful product is the styling lotion.

Styling lotions are great for hair styling because it helps moisturize your hair, making it softer and less prone to hair damage. Since your hair is properly moisturized, using styling lotions actually give you a bouncy natural looking, yet frizz-free do. Of course, if its a stiff hairstyle you want, you should stick with hairspray and stronghold gels.

The main complaint with a lot of styling lotions though is that they make your hair feel greasy. To beat this problem, you just need to do your research first and buy only quality products. More important, just like with skin lotions, you need to find one that suits your hair and scalp condition because the reaction to each product differs for each person. For example, the Tresemme’s Flawless Curls Lotion Creme (see photo) is obviously for curly people, so don’t get one if you’re not!

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