Get the Natural Look with Styling Lotions 

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tresemme lotion cremePeople mistakenly think that their only options when it comes to hair styling products are the hair wax, mousse, gels, and hair spray. An oft overlooked but very useful product is the styling lotion.

Styling lotions are great for hair styling because it helps moisturize your hair, making it softer and less prone to hair damage. Since your hair is properly moisturized, using styling lotions actually give you a bouncy natural looking, yet frizz-free do. Of course, if its a stiff hairstyle you want, you should stick with hairspray and stronghold gels.

The main complaint with a lot of styling lotions though is that they make your hair feel greasy. To beat this problem, you just need to do your research first and buy only quality products. More important, just like with skin lotions, you need to find one that suits your hair and scalp condition because the reaction to each product differs for each person. For example, the Tresemme’s Flawless Curls Lotion Creme (see photo) is obviously for curly people, so don’t get one if you’re not!

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Batiste Dry Shampoo 

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Batiste Dry Shampoo rangeIf you thought that shampooing your hair meant always going for the wet look before heading out the door, you’re wrong. With the dry shampoo gaining in popularity, you no longer have to worry about drying your hair each time you need to get your hair squeaky clean.

A favorite dry shampoo brand of our is Batiste. The great thing about this dry shampoo is that it is very convenient to use compared to traditional dry shampoos that require you to brush your hair afterwards to get rid of excess powder. The excess powder is not only unsightly but can also lead to dandruff and if left on your scalp. It can also result in skin irritation when left at your nape or your forehead. This isn’t a problem with Bastite’s dry shampoos because all you need to do is spray it on the roots of your hair, massage it through your hair, and then style it as usual. Best of all, their dry shampoo line comes in 9 scents, so that nobody will be able to tell that you haven’t been shampooing the conventional way!

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Negative Effects brought by Hair Coloring 

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There are those that are not into their own hair color while there are those that simply want to go with the trend. Whatever one’s reason may be for dying his or her hair, it is important to remember that indeed one can get satisfied with that change of color or style but there will always be consequences of such usage especially when it is not carefully done. Hair dyes can be dangerous to one’s health. This hair product actually contains chemicals which if directly applied to a person skin, can be hazardous. Another is that it usage could result to allergic reactions. It is not always an assurance that the used brand, color, and the content of the dye are appropriate for a person. One’s scalp may as well get irritated. Since this is where the dye is directly applied, there is a possibility that the scalp may itch, negatively react, and worst, get burnt.

The Hidden Wonders of Wigs 

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A lot of people consider wigs as a solution to baldness. These helpful item is often associated with the pains and heartaches of people who use it to cover up hair loss. Most people usually associate wigs for people with baldness and hair loss, however, this is one of many misconceptions by many.

In the present day, wigs are not only for bald people. Even those who have beautiful hair can have wigs. The real intent of wigs is to bring out the beauty of a person in different ways.

You might be attending different kinds of events and each occasion may require a new and different look. Yes, new dress, new bags, new shoes, new hair. However, how can you do it if you have a short hair that leads to limited hairstyles? You do not have to have another set of hair attached to your hair that may damage your hair more. Wigs can do it for you. With different lengths, styles, and colors, you will find yourself confronted with lots of choices that can fit your needs and wants. Upon checking on wigs before purchasing, make sure that instructions are in English not in Thai language or other languages so you will be able to understand how to maintain it.

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Causes of damaged hair 

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Due to improper dealing with one’s hair, damages result. It may sometimes be the case that we are unaware that the treatments and applications that we expose to our hair slowly damage its health and beauty. One major cause of damage is over styling. Under this falls the most popular procedures like blow-drying, straightening, and perming which if used abusively, will result to making one’s hair dry, brittle, and unmanageable. Taking for instance blow-drying which involves heat, the outermost layer of one’s hair is damaged which then result to split ends. Another cause of damaged hair is over-brushing. Brushing should only be done when needed and should be gently done with the use of a flexible brush better yet, combing is done instead. Towel-drying may as well lead to damaged hair. If this is still done, also make sure that it is gently done to avoid your hair from being tangled. One’s hair is very sensitive; a simple treatment may lead to a surprising breakage.

Fact about brushing hair 

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Every after bath and every time we pass by a windy area, girls’ first instinct is to brush her hair. Physically, we do see that evident change from something that looks haggard to something that looks good and clean. It is though most often the case that people are not aware of the limitations in brushing one’s hair. Sometimes people tend to just continuously brush at any time they want without noticing that damages are arising. One thing to remember is to never brush wet hair since it is when it’s wet that it is vulnerable. When this is done, hair would probably result to damage and breakage. Another is that it is better if combing is done before brushing since those tangles found in your hair is better of removed first before styling is done. These are just some facts about brushing one’s hair which are essential in maintaining it healthy.

Regular hair treatment 

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“Hair is the richest ornament of a women”, this is a saying popularized by Martin Luther. From this saying itself it can be said that it is important especially for a woman to have that appropriate, healthy, and beautiful hair which is only attainable with proper care. Proper and regular treatments are needed to keep one’s hair healthy. It all starts with choosing the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for a specific hair type. There are those that best fit dry and frizzy hair, others are for long hair, while others are meant to moisturize. Regular hair-cut or hair trimming is also a must even for those who are into long hair. As hair lengthens, it will never maintain the same texture and condition as it was before, cutting the dry ends will somewhat make one’s hair grow beautifully. Hot oil, on the other hand, is approximately needed every six months. A person’s hair is exposed to different temperature and weather conditions, treating with hot oil simply aim to moisturize one’s hair and lessen its dryness caused by numerous factors.

Hair Styling for Men: Hair Wax 

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hair waxMen these days are as particular as women when it comes to hair and scalp care. In fact, more and more guys spend more time in front of the mirror, styling their hair, than their girlfriends who opt for simple ponytails do.

Men are also becoming increasingly aware and picky about the beauty products they use, from cosmetics and skin care products to hair styling items; they are stocking up on such items and learning to incorporate them in their daily routine.

A hair product that you will find in most men’s beauty arsenal is the hair wax. Hair wax is used to get the perfect hairstyle and make it the hair stay that way all day. However, it is important to learn how to apply hair wax properly or you’ll end up looking like one shiny oily mess. It also takes some trial and error to figure out the right amount of hair wax to use for the length and type of hair that you have.

So the next time you buy hair wax, make sure you spend some time practicing how to use it before actually heading out the door.

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Soap as Shampoo? 

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shampoo barPeople often think that cleaning your hair with a bar of soap is a big no. They’re right.

While soap was used to wash hair back in the old days, the invention of shampoos has made the use of soap for hair cleaning a thing of the past. You can, of course, experiment with this and use different soap to shampoo your hair, but the fact is that soap do not contain conditioners so that you can expect your hair to end up quite stiff. Soap also leave more residue on the hair so that you will be more prone to dandruff. It’s just not the best product for hair and scalp care.

On the other hand, you will find shampoo bars (shown above) that are perfectly fine for hair care. These shampoo bars contain conditioners work just as well as shampoos, except that they are in solid form. Of course, you can use this as soap but then again it’s not optimized for skin care either. So stick to soap for your skin and shampoo for your hair or maybe you can even experiment and do away with both!

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Keeping Your Hair Properly Moisturized 

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loreal hot oil botanical treatmentDry hair, dry skin, dry lips or anything else dry and flaky is not something we consider beautiful. Going the other extreme is not something we like either, with oily hair and skin an equal turn off. When it comes to your beauty the only adjectives you want to be used is soft, supple, flowing, fresh and clean. What this means is that with hair and skin care, proper moisturization is the key to getting the right results.

For your hair it means that while all natural shampoos can get your hair nice and clean, you still need to lock in moisture by using conditioners or getting moisturizing treatments like hot oil treatments. You can have this done in a salon or just buy over-the-counter products for DIY treatments. This also means washing your hair frequently enough to keep it clean and keep the oil at bay. However, too much washing can also cause product buildup so make sure you rinse well.

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