Simple Fixes for Greasy Hair 

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Greasy hair can always be treated as long as we are equipped with the proper knowledge required in restoring the natural balance of oil in our scalp. Remember not to wash your hair everyday or if you do wash your hair, either try using a cleaning or clarifying shampoo to get rid of dirt build up or try skipping shampooing and use a conditioner instead. Make sure you’ll avoid too much oil in your food and increase your vegetable intake. For quick fixes, sprinkle a small amount of Talcum powder at the roots of your hair and rub it gently to instantly lessen oiliness, however, remember to wash it off after.

Top 3 Hairstyling Products for Men! 

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A good hair styling product for you is just a matter of personal preference. Some product that works for your pal’s hairstyle may not work for your. We have various styling needs, and various products react to different hair textures. So, if you want to find that product that really works for you, try out these cool products on my list.

These three hairstyling products right here worked wonders for me throughout the years, so feel free to try it what suits you the most.

Suave Pomade for Men: It’s affordable thus your wallet wont bleed. Besides, it gives your hair great hold and makes your hair natural looking.

Black & White pomade: Gives your hair a glossy finish. However, don’t use too often it because it makes your hair greasy.

Bumble & Bumble’s SumoWax : This works well for molding and sculpting your hair.

There goes my top 3 Hair Products. Hope this helps!

フォリゲン・ローション療法:頭皮と髪の健康のためにSkin Remodeling Copper-Peptidesを使用 

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肌の改造をする銅ペプチド、Skin Remodeling Copper-Peptidesを使って髪の健康を回復!常に使用されてきたフォリゲン製品とミノキシジルは髪の健康と活力の改善を助ける。フォリゲン製品は、生化学者のLoren Pickart博士によって発明されたSkin Remodeling Copper-Peptides(SRCPs)の第2世代に基づいている。

特許権を得たこの製法は、3つの塗布方法がある: 髪の上で効果を発揮するフォリゲン・クリーム、より密集したか所で効果を発揮する、クリームよりもよりリキッドに近いフォリゲン・ローション、そしてより塗布が簡単なウオーター・ベースのスプレー、フォリゲン・スプレーだ。次の文を読めば、サンプル・キット、シャンプー・リンス、そして髪用のエミュー油などといったたくさんの製品や製品の陰にある化学を見つけることだろう。

製品のレビュー: 「3か月がたったが、私の髪は20歳の時よりも濃い…とても気に入っています、そしてきっとあなたもそう感じるでしょう!」(G.W.より)

Fact about brushing hair 

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Every after bath and every time we pass by a windy area, girls’ first instinct is to brush her hair. Physically, we do see that evident change from something that looks haggard to something that looks good and clean. It is though most often the case that people are not aware of the limitations in brushing one’s hair. Sometimes people tend to just continuously brush at any time they want without noticing that damages are arising. One thing to remember is to never brush wet hair since it is when it’s wet that it is vulnerable. When this is done, hair would probably result to damage and breakage. Another is that it is better if combing is done before brushing since those tangles found in your hair is better of removed first before styling is done. These are just some facts about brushing one’s hair which are essential in maintaining it healthy.

Nexus Biotin 

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nexusbiotin.jpgThe product is a conditioning cleanser that was specially formulated for problematic fine hair that requires more care and less handling. The hair care shampoo is also formulated with DHT inhibitors and circulation boosters which sets the ground for better healthier hair from the root up. It also provided the best blend of nutrients that maximizes hair growth while getting existing hairs the boost they need to thicken with prolonged use. A combination of scientifically advanced ingredients is designed not only for hair care but for preventing hair loss which is a growing concern for many people around the world. Jojoba oil in the shampoo is designed to take away the excess sebum that clogs up hair follicles and encourages the growth of newer hair.

All Natural Shampoos makes a Big Comeback! 

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Herbal shampoos through the years have enjoyed great amount popularity. In choosing a herbal shampoo for your hair, read thoroughly the ingredients to make sure the herbs you are getting best address your hair condition. For example, if you have a dry hair, choose a shampoo that contains comfrey root, avocado, elder flowers, or orange blossoms. For normal hair, dandelion, horsetail, and clover are excellent choices . If you have oily hair, watercress, strawberry leaf, lemon grass and white willow bark are some of the proven products that treats oily hair.

Many concerns arose over the possible dangers of chemical ingredients in hair shampoos such that alternative shampoos that promises all natural ingredients have become more popular than ever.
These products can be purchased at health food stores or through the internet.

Hair Washing Wisdom 

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tangledhairWashing your hair gets rid of dirt and grime but it also takes away the natural oils that are essential for healthy hair. Too much washing damages and dries the individual strands making for one bad hair day with frizzy hair all over the place. Bathing with warm, not hot water helps and most wouldn’t believe it that every-other day washing is best. Yep, the harsh chemicals in today’s shampoos can indeed cause more harm than good for it takes away too much moisture ruining your hair for a long time, till it grows back that is. After washing, hold off that brush and use your fingers first, running it through the wet hair to remove tangles thus lessening the time spent when brushing. Plastic brushes tend to do more breakage for it exerts force on your hair pulling it causing more tangles and damage.

Stand-Out Hair 

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In taking care of your hair you need to know what type you have and then plan to maintain it. There are different types of hairs for different people. There are straight, curly and frizzy.

Most people think having straight hair is easy well in fact it needs the care and attention like other types of hair. This type is prone to breakage and split ends so be careful when you handle your hair. Shampoo your hair every other day to prevent dryness and use a conditioner everyday to lock in moisture. The secret to a fabulous straight hair is the conditioner you use like Creamsilk Standout Straight conditioner works wonders, it brings out the best quality for this type of hair with the natural flow.

Curly hair for kids looks adorable but as they grow older the softness and manageability of their hair is not the same. For teenagers it is a nightmare. If you have curly hair, you know that there is no point in fighting it! Go with the curl, and learn how to make your naturally curly hair beautiful! One of the biggest mistakes that those with naturally curly hair make is not using the right products. You need to choose conditioners and shampoos that are specially formulated for your type of hair. Regular conditioners will weigh down the hair, creating flat, lifeless curls. Regular shampoos often do not contain enough moisture to bring curls to life. There are a variety of curly hair products on the market today, and those with curly hair must use shampoo and conditioner designed for their type like All Dove Shampoos and Conditioners bring just the right amount of our unique Weightless Moisturizers® to the center of each hair strand, without weighing it down.

The same is true for moose, gel, or hair spray. Normal hair styling products will weigh down the curls. This gives your hair a crunchy, fake look. Choose products that will control your curl, while letting your hair breathe and look alive like Kiehl’s. This outstanding leave-in hair conditioner and grooming aid is created especially for thick, frizzy, dry, or damaged hair that tends to be difficult to manage and tangled. When combing it, never comb it when it is dry, this will cause breakage. Avoid also, using combs or brushes that are narrow toothed. Instead, use a pick or a comb with wide teeth to brush through your curly hair.

Reminders for Homemade Hair Care Recipes 

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Creating homemade recipes to suit your hair needs will surely be fun and exciting since you will get to understand you hair more by choosing ingredients appropriate for your hair type (not to mention the money you will be able to save). However, a few helpful reminders should be kept in mind to make sure that we won’t get too excited over pouring tons and tons of different ingredients in our hair. The Golden Rule is to never mix too many ingredients at once and if you do find a particular ingredient working for you, then make it a staple for your hair recipes. It has been said that ingredients that can be consumed are normally safe for the hair. Remember to always log your recipes, taking note of successful recipes and how your hair reacted to them.

Negative Effects brought by Hair Coloring 

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There are those that are not into their own hair color while there are those that simply want to go with the trend. Whatever one’s reason may be for dying his or her hair, it is important to remember that indeed one can get satisfied with that change of color or style but there will always be consequences of such usage especially when it is not carefully done. Hair dyes can be dangerous to one’s health. This hair product actually contains chemicals which if directly applied to a person skin, can be hazardous. Another is that it usage could result to allergic reactions. It is not always an assurance that the used brand, color, and the content of the dye are appropriate for a person. One’s scalp may as well get irritated. Since this is where the dye is directly applied, there is a possibility that the scalp may itch, negatively react, and worst, get burnt.