Keeping Your Hair Properly Moisturized

loreal hot oil botanical treatmentDry hair, dry skin, dry lips or anything else dry and flaky is not something we consider beautiful. Going the other extreme is not something we like either, with oily hair and skin an equal turn off. When it comes to your beauty the only adjectives you want to be used is soft, supple, flowing, fresh and clean. What this means is that with hair and skin care, proper moisturization is the key to getting the right results.

For your hair it means that while all natural shampoos can get your hair nice and clean, you still need to lock in moisture by using conditioners or getting moisturizing treatments like hot oil treatments. You can have this done in a salon or just buy over-the-counter products for DIY treatments. This also means washing your hair frequently enough to keep it clean and keep the oil at bay. However, too much washing can also cause product buildup so make sure you rinse well.

Image via L’Oreal

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